Admin Standards

CommunityAdmin Standards

The Old Gits Army Administrator Standards are in place to maintain a friendly, mature, and respectful atmosphere withing the TOGA Community.

1. Servers - Admins must deal with rule breakers quickly and politely

  • Players giving any form of racist abuse must be kicked first with a warning then banned if they come back and dont compile, its obvious if some one is intent to be blatantly racist.
  • If someone is breaking a gameplay rule, try to help them understand the rules, but persistent rule breakers must be warned, kicked or temp banned
  • Do not tolerate any form of abuse, or name calling for any reason. Please warn anyone for this including community members
  • Try to help players who may not understand the gametype if it is clear they do not seem to know how to play it

2. Forums

  • Admins should not engage in forum flame wars
  • If you have moderation powers, lock or move a thread if things are getting out of hand

3. Passwords

  • Do not distribute server rcon passwords or forum passwords to anyone.
  • The match server passwords may be given to community members, applicants, and official friends

4. Activity

Admins are expected to maintain a reasonable level of activity in both the forums and the servers. Inactive Admins benefit nobody. If an Admin is seen to be inactive, they may have their administrative rights revoked.

5. Conduct

Never create threads or posts that contain inflamatory remarks, or start arguments. If members see an Admin venting and causing offence, why should they be any different? If you need to vent, speak with another admin or call for a meeting on TS with senior staff.

Remember, be respectful at all times. If you get any abuse from anyone, please start a thread in the Admin Chat section of the forum.