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About The Old Gits Army

TOGA - The Battlefield Era

Brief foreys into Call of Duty Modern Warfare and scrimming soon led us to Battlefield Bad Company 2. From this point on, the clan grow rapidly from about 15 to 60 and then soon expanded into World of Tanks (now deceased), SW:TOR, and Red Orchestra 2 where we held the number 1 ranked server spot. The release of BF3 in Oct 2011 saw a surge of new clan members whilst 2012 saw various Arma 2 mods and continued Battlefield support.

The Current Day

We now have a strong and well respected presence in Battlefield 4 largely due to how well our admins manage the server(s) and how well supported the game is by the clan members. Old Gits continue to join us and get online with other like minded people for some banter on Teamspeak whilst playing BF4 or any other game we are supporting such as Heroes and Generals or random games that people want to try out. In 2013 we reduced our minimum age limit from 25 to 21 after it became more apparent that being an old git can be as much a state of mind as it can be a physical condition!

The Future

We are continuing to support Battlefield 4 for as long as the clan wish to play it. We will support BF1 in what ever way we can and are excited about its future and will get a server if it proves worthwhile. We will also support whatever else attracts us old gits from all over the World in order to keep us from accepting that there is a real world out there!