Member Standards

Community Member Standards

The Old Gits Army Member* Standards are in place to maintain a friendly, mature, and respectful atmosphere within the TOGA Community.

Rules of Conduct

1) Do not call anyone cheats on our servers or servers of other communities. If you suspect someone of cheating, post in the members only section. If you suspect a TOGA member of cheating, send a private message to Master or any member of the Anti-Cheat usergroup (see Roster).

2) Please do not spam the console in-game when playing matches - this is highly annoying for a lot of players.

3) Please do not engage anyone in abusive conversation or remarks on the servers,team speak, or forums for ANY reason. Our admin group is highly vigilant so we will know. Let the admin group deal with rule breakers. If no admins are available, leave the server and post details of the rule breakers so we can deal with them.

If you read a thread or post that you find offensive or the content of which troubles you, do not start a flame war. Use the 'report' link that is below every post and let an admin deal with it.

If we find members have been abusive in any way to other members or guests, you will be dealt with appropriately.

4) Please do not talk about other players using terms that can be taken as offensive or belittling even in ban requests/reports or general chat either in the forum or game server, A banned player should be given respect too. Any such posts may be removed by the moderator of that section or forum Admin.

5) As a player do not threaten players with kicking or banning when you can’t back it up I.e. no admins around, as empty threats help no one. You can explain that it’s against server rules but to say stop or ban won’t help you when you can’t actually follow up the threat.

6) As in point 3, when an Admin is dealing with a player, let them and carry on with your game. Having several players all posting in chat to a player looks like ganging up and the Admin is more than capable of dealing with it

7) When joining Team Speak, please connect to the lobby first and take a moment to say hello to anyone in the lobby before switching to your desired channel - manners cost nothing.

* "Member" applies to Community Applicants and Full TOGA Members.