Team Speak Server Information

Please use the following information to connect to our Team Speak server.

Download Team Speak 3:

Server Address (no password required):

Push-to-Talk Configuration
When you setup your connection, set a Push-to-Talk key (which is mandatory).

When you actually connect, Push-to-Talk will not be default.

Go to Settings > Options > Capture and set the Push-to-Talk key.

Phonetic Configuration You can set TS3 up to say the name of you and other people who join channels (as Doorman so kindly informed us).

When you are logged into TS, do the following: Click Self > Set Phonetic Nickname. Enter your name and click play to see if it sounds OK and then accept your change.

Then goto Settings > Options > Notifications and the following: Sound Pack: Default Text to Speech

Then expand Client > Connection and turn off: Connected > Server Disconnected > Server Lost Connection > Server etc

Then click OK Now when people join / leave channels, you will hear the name of the person who has moved