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Jan 15, 2015
Hi everyone, last four weeks have been very hectic and very tiring.
My wife and i decided at the beginning of the year to downsize and move to a bungalow so put house on the market.
To cut a long saga short we finally moved on the 10th of October and since then we have been finding a home for the stuff we bought and sorting out minor faults in the electrics and i had to by a motor mowerfor the lawn.
I am with EE for broadband and at my old place it was fine but i had a lot of hassle here but finally i hope it is now fixed and is going to run efficiently.
All i have to do now is set up a place for my gaming but it has only been a month so its not too bad.
Moving at 72 i do not recommend but most of the stress has eased now.
Anyway guys speak to you soon, - Waffey.
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Server Admin
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Feb 2, 2014
Hi Waffey,

I can imagine it was stressful, but soon you can relax a bit more again. The new house is looking really nice!