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Mar 7, 2016
Battlefield 4 war request

Hi guys and thank you for having me here, I am acting on behalf of www.solo-elite.com formally requesting to schedule a friendly war.

We can get numbers of 6-8 for any coming Saturday/Sunday/Thursday after the 20th/Mar and would love to play against a prestigious team such as yourselves. I have a popped into and will again your teamspeak to speak directly to the powers that be to try and organise the above mentioned.

We would like to only play hardcore mode and have a basic understanding on no DLC weapons to be used along with the removal of any kind of enemy spotting device, c4, launched grenades and rockets, in an effort to promote fair gunplay and team tactics, we are relatively new to warring after we took a fairly long break, we do have the capability to set up and host a war and are itching to get our guns warmed up.

Please feel free to come to our Teamspeak any time for information or just a chat, we are also of a mature nature and will respect any alterations you may want in order to bring our to clans together for this (if accepted) and any other future events.


Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

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