Venice Unleashed


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Server Admin
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Mar 4, 2014
A while ago now, a mod for Battlefield 3 called Venice Unleashed has been released. What this mod does, is it gives you acces to features that were previously disabled or completely absent. An example of a new feature, are higher tickrate servers like we know from BF4.

For a full list of features and more info:

A quick howto on how to install Venice Unleashed:
1. Make sure BF3 is installed and has been run at least once.
2. Download Venice Unleashed from
3. Sign up for a Venice Unleashed account on their website
4. Link your Origin account to the Venice account through
5. Run the Venice installer
6. Play the game through the Venice launcher.

I tried it today, but there didn't seem to be a lot of servers or players as of now. Maybe we can give this a bash on a Sat night sometime?