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Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by MattyD, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. MattyD

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    Mar 29, 2012
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    So, been far too long since I posted some news, plenty been going on in TOGA town so here's a summary of it all!


    Things were becoming a little quiet as support for BF4 as the primary game for most members was dwindling, and then it came, the game we had all been waiting for, after much suspense and teaser vids, rumours and heresay.. Battlefield 1 arrived.

    It has rapidly become our clan primary game but there is still plenty more going on. What it has done is welcomed back some slightly dormant members, attracted new members and retained others.

    Plenty to talk about with BF1 later but rest assured the staff are monitoring the private server option closely and will, with the help and opinions of the clan choose the best way forward as soon as things are a little clearer.


    A welcome to our new members since the last news post a long way back, so to officially welcome a few from the last few months:
    @zornyan , @HooferUK , @Heriophant , @Trick Shot Bob , @cragsify
    And a good luck to @Hobbit who's app is in process.

    We expect to see a lot of new members when we have our own BF1 server up and running so we can truly game in the manner all members and friends are accustomed to!

    If you're a visitor and planning on submitting an app stop reading now and go get it done!

    As always, thanks to all those who donate to help maintain a clan fund, every little counts and will always be put to good use.

    On a separate note, the staff would like to see traffic on the forums increase, it is after all the root of our clan, the landing page for new/potential members. So if you have something to say, post it here rather than just on TS and give your wisdom to a wider audience! Remember that the forums is also where we welcome and vote for new members, if you're not active you can't have your say.

    There's plenty of info and threads on here that not only are useful but provide a place to communicate and share with other clan members who may not be involved in the game your playing, TOGA is far bigger than your primary game!!


    There are no changes to the Senior staff or Admin staff.

    The staff would like to take this opportunity to welcome @Quic on board as a news reporter, he will be providing game news to include in my 'Monthly' (said, staring at the ground) news updates which will provide you the members and visitors valuable information and me, a boot to keep the news posts regular!

    TOGA BF4 SERVER - With the majority or players switching to BF1 as their main game we made some changes to our BF4 server.

    We now run a 32 player server with a mixture of Conquest and TDM. We are still populating the server every evening with a mixture of clan members, friends, regulars and newbies. The N2S clan are regulars and some have also joined the TOGA forums, a good bunch of guys similar to ourselves and between us have soem good games.

    OTHER GAMES - Curtosy of @Quic


    Rainbow Six Siege has been out for more that a year now and we know that there are still some members playing this game. The game has released several updates including new maps, weapons and operators.

    For anyone who has never played the game: The game is played true Uplay and is also available to install on Steam. Rainbow Six Siege is playable as a standard edition but there is also a season pass (premium edition), which allows you to play the new operators one week early and get them for free. You can get the Rainbow Six Siege standard edition for £17.00 on g2play. The season pass version should also be on g2play.

    Year 2 Pass (release date: February 2017)
    Ubisoft has announced that they will bring a Year 2 pass to Rainbow Six Siege. This year 2 pass will include new deployment countries and 8 new operators to be added. The operators will be deployed to Spain, Hong Kong, Poland and South Korea. You can see the raodmap below, year 2 follows a similar format having four seasons with one free map and two operators each season:[​IMG]

    Buying the pass before February 2017 will give you several instant benefits beginning November 29th, including a free Obsidian weapon skin. Additionally, if you own the year one season pass, you will receive a bonus 600 R6 credits on top of the 600 R6 credits that comes with the year 2 pass.

    Join us in the game by adding us on Uplay and joining us on teamspeak.


    Fall update:
    There is a post on the forums about this topic. If you want to read all of the update notes take a look at this link:
    Update notes.

    New map:

    In December, the new map Giant's Shadow which will be coming to Battlefield one as part of a free update. It will be a cold autumn map which is based on the battle of the Selle in 1918. According to history the battle was fought between the British Empire and the German Empire. The battle was also called The Last Hundred Days of World War I. Any way, everyone should be able to play it, because its free!

    See what JackFrags has to say about it:


    Looking even further in to the future the first expansion called: They Shall Not Pass, will arrive in March 2017. Premium members will have a two-week head start.

    According to the Battlefield 1 forums these are the latest updates on the server rental program.
    Prices for PC:
    1 day - $2,99
    2 days - $11,99
    30 days - $42,99
    90 days - $99,99
    180 days - $149,99​
    Server rental prices are not set by slot-size. PC servers will be running at 60Hz, that is why PC servers are more expensive than the 30Hz console servers.

    We are able to adjust the following settings:

    - Ticket count
    - Bullet damage
    - Game modes
    - Weapons
    - Maps
    - Kill cam
    - Minimap
    - 3D spotting
    - Fog
    - Friendly Fire​

    Will there be RCON or PROCON tools (kick/ban):
    EA/DICE say that they are developing in-game support to ensure admins have similar levels of customization as RCON or PROCON. However the new RPS servers will not support 3rd party tools like RCON or PROCON. We all agree this is needed to manage a clan based server.​

    In addition to the above games we have several members playing Titan Fall 2, Project Cars and others, keep an eye out on the TS channels and who is occupying them as they're the mebers best placed to give you the lowdown on a game.

    That's all for now, a reminder to the clan and friends... if you have anything news worthy then send me a pm and I'll post it in a news thread!
  2. ShadowFax75

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    Feb 2, 2014
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    Nice post Matty and Quic!

    The season pass for rainbow six lets you play the new operators one week early and you get them without spending Renown. Renown is the ingame currency, you earn Renown by just playing the game.
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  3. Aggrovan

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    Feb 9, 2014
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    Thanks Matty :grandpa:
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  4. Caramoon

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    Welcome to the new member's
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  5. Trick Shot Bob

    Trick Shot Bob
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    Oct 29, 2016
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    Nice post mate.
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  6. NE0

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    Mar 30, 2015
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    Leicester UK
    Hey thanks for the update. I like the sound of making the bf4 server down to 32. I'm enjoying bf1 mostly and looking forward to play that on the server.
    Still also playing Gears of war 4 online quite a lot if anyone wants to try the versus mode on there shoot me a message.
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