Fish keeping and similar hobbies

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New User
Jan 21, 2012
Forfar, Scotland
after a chat on TS it seems we have a few fishie peeps in the clan.

As promised here are a couple of shots of my setups.

Ive been invited to submit photos of the main tank for advertising of my Local Aquatics store in Dundee, Discovery Aquatics, im being paid in store credit :D they also want me to set up a couple of show tanks for instore. First ones a monstrous 1500L tank, has 1/2" plate and they needed a forklift to get it instore! cant bloody wait, were doing a Discus Biotope :D

Main 180 L Juwel Rio (14months since setup)
end elev.jpg

Tank contains :-

25Kg Unipac Amazonia Sand
30Kg of Amazonian Driftwood
Dual T5 Juwel Lighting (with reflectors) (Day & Nature tubes)
Echindorus Bolivina
Echindorus Vesuvius
Echindorus Tennalus
Waving Echindorus Swords
Christmas Tree moss on wood

Nightly feed of Easy Carbo
Bi-weekly feed of Seachem Flourish plant food
Seachem root tabs in substrate.
8 hour light cycle.

Fish Stock

Breeding pair of Bristlenose Cats
Various Corydorus (4 bronze, 4 peppered, 4 elegans)
Octo-cats (12)
Cardinal Tetras (24)
Glowlight Tetras (24)
Red eye tetras (12)
Marginatus dwarf Pencilfish (8)
Silver Hatchets (8)
Platinum Tetras (8)
Apistogramma Agasszi (1 pair)
Cockateil Apistogrammas (breeding pair)
Striped Panaque (L407)

My 35L Endler Livebearer/Cherry Shrimp tank
Mopani wood

Echindorus Vesuvius
Echindorus Tennalus
Red flame Echindorus
Paul Klocker Echindorus
5Kg Amazonia wood
5Kg of Red sandstone/quartz rock

^ 5 male endlers livebearers
^ 6 female Endlers
and now approx. 30 1cm fry! :D
6 cherry shrimp

Nano 30L tank Im working on for my dear mum :)

mums nano.jpg

12 Cherry Shrimp
6 Red crystal Shrimp
6 Microrasboras
6 dwarf Harlequins

All tanks use live plants with 8 hour lighting cycles/flourish/EasyCarbo.
pride n joy.jpg

^ My pride n joy one of my wild caught/breeding Apsitogrammas (the male)

Also keep Crested Geckos in a 60x45x60 Terrarium



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May 20, 2012
Quick snap of wifeys Cichlid tank:

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Mar 29, 2012
you spawny fcker Matty, that woulda cost a few quid fer a vision 450 :D

It did, but I bought in Germany tax free, cost me about 500EUR'ish brand new so was cheap at the time. Got it to replace my older tank that was bigger in width, about the same capacity, but didn't have the Visions depth perception.

I really want a custom made Oak one to match our furniture but I just can't justify the cost!

Right now I've got cichlids breeding like it's going out of fashion, will be having some negotiations with my LFS I think!


New User
Feb 18, 2012
Bicester, Oxfordshire
Pfft.... you lot do not accommodate your fish very well with day to day amenities do you :cyclops:

Here's mine:

lol joking.

'kin serious set up's you lot have there :o-53: I presume they run into hundreds upon hundreds to get up and running. I wouldn't know where to start with looking after fish tbh. That plus the fact I have two cats :blackeye:


New User
Oct 26, 2012
Northumberland, UK
I've kept fish since I was 8 years old, tropical freshwater fish and then planted tanks later on. I guess I've had going on for twenty tanks over the years the last tropical freshwater one being a six foot planted Discus tank. It was fully planted and had nine Discus and around 150-ish cardinals, a few German Blue Rams, a load of Ottocinclus, Sterbai Corys and a few dwarf plecs.

It was about 11 years ago when that tank was shut down. This is the only pic I can find of it now but this was from when we put the first two Discus in and the tank was fairly new.

picies 013.jpg

My wife was into fishkeeping as well, in fact that's how we met, and we had decided to make the jump into keeping tropical marine fish. We set up the same tank as our first marine reef tank, which ended up looking like this:

19052004- 009.jpg

A lot of lessons were learned and after moving home to where we are now, near Blackpool, about 8 years ago we setup a bigger tank. It ended up looking like this:


Unfortunately it ended up mostly dead, to cut a long story short we trusted someone to look after it whilst we went away for 9 days just over 2 years ago. He didn't check it like he said he would and things failed, were not seen and most everything died. That last tank cost us around £4000 all in and most of it was lost. He did offer to replace it for us but my wife was so devastated at losing her fish (she was very attached) that she wouldn't have another tank.

The only pet we have now is a relatively new addition, a 'Bumblebee' Royal Python named 'Morpheus'. Sadly don't have any pics of him, suppose I could get some taken if anyone is interested.

Here are a few random pics from the last reef tank we had:







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New User
Jan 21, 2012
Forfar, Scotland
omfg Smartie, you got your chocolate starfish out fer the boyz eeeeeeeeew :p cracking setups though dood :D

@Matty thats a bloody decent price, last time I checked the vision 450s were almost £1k with cabinet!

My Rio 180 was £300 for tank, stand and lighting, heating & filter (its a Juwel thang) plants cost approx £50 (started with 3 of each) and propogated to the levels you see after approx 12months! Fish costs hmm hard to say tbvh.

If any of you want some of the Tennalus swords (the foreground plants) let me know I pull approx 50 mother plants a week out that bloody tank ;) good little side earner on ebay ;) £10 for 5 but to TOGAS you can have em fer nada ;)


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Jul 11, 2010
wonderfull set ups
I would love a new tank, my 4ft is still in the garden, no good now but still there
my 2 dauters have small tanks with guppys etc

I was looking into getting a new tank ( I regularly do) but we want to do it properly and get a maidenhead aquatics oak set up, so it is a nice piece of furniture.

then set it up with African lake Chiclids, which I have allways wanted having kept the usual fire mouths, oscars, Texas Chiclids etc even had a red devil for a few weeks (aptly named bad tempered bullys they are.
but those tanks are way above my budget atm, fingers croosed for the lottery

once kept Mozambique mouthbrooders, when I was a teenager and they grew at an amazing rate and started to breed, they wiped out the tank killing all the other fish.

lessons learned the hard way


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Nov 3, 2012
Solihull, West Mids
On a sober serious note, some lovely pic's folks. My kids wanted a tank a few yrs back as one of the bro in laws had one, and although there nice to look at, never really been into it, and also the cost then was'nt cheap.

This little beauty keeps me busy though


Also like to do a bit of walkin this site has some good info on it


New User
Jan 21, 2012
Forfar, Scotland
awww what a cutie leggy, my folks (in their mid 70s) took on a chocolate lab last year, hehehe its keeping my dad fit :p always had dogs around me and owned a good few, last dog I had was a Beagle, lost him 5yr ago and ive never really had the courage to replace the old boy, he made it to 18.
He would never leave my side. The hairy scruff bag the lurcher was his partner in crime, my mums dog :)
Brandy & Max.JPG

Now im living in a flat and the hours I work, its not fair to have another dog, do have a cat though. shes pretty cool and called Saffron. (after my love of indian cooking and her bright yellow eyes) jet back long haired moggy I got from cats protection. she gets quite jealous when im working in the tanks and meows a lot and rubs against me if im near either aquarium!

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